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About Us

Triple Quality Control and Print Quality Difference:

In at least three places throughout our production of your shirts, a human being checks each shirt against the original artwork preview to make sure that the right artwork is printed on the right shirt, the print is of the highest quality, and everything looks the way it should.
All of our product that is sold online, is printed on demand (DTG = Direct To Garment). What does that means to you? Well, you don’t get a shirt that has been printed a long time ago in a galaxy far far away… LOL. We get your order, print it as soon as possible, and then ship it to you right away. We use only the best DTG printers available to produce the finest-quality images possible that won’t wash out of the shirts.

Selective Garment Offerings = Fast Turn-Around:

Our past experience has been that when you try to offer every product under the sun, orders end up delayed because of slow procurement and product back orders. One of the keys to our success in fast turn-around times is making sure the garments we offer are either in-stock on our own shelves, or are stocked deeply by major warehouse distributors.  The helps assure that your orders won’t get hung up waiting for garments to arrive.  


By limiting the products we offer, we prevent product-related delays and can assure shipping in 2-4 business days. Almost all orders ship from our print shop within 2-4 business days of the order being placed.  We have a high success rate simply because of the garment options we offer, most of which are highly available and rarely out of stock


Our wholesale printing has expanded to a much larger facility to accommodate the larger orders/clients that we manage. Our 10+ color screen printing machines, ready to take on larger orders.


  • Direct To Garment (DTG) / Online Sales = Detroit, MI
  • Screen Printing / Wholesale = Chatsworth, CA